Case study: insaneX

insaneX Facebook ads: 18x ROAS

insaneX Facebook ads: $4.8M+ Revenue

Case study: $4.8M+ in E-Commerce sales with 18X ROAS using Facebook ads


$4.8M+ in Ecommerce Sales with 18X ROAS using Facebook Ads


To achieve mid-7-figure revenue in 6 months, through Q4, whilst maintaining a top-of-funnel ROAS of above 5X and blended ROAS with retargeting above 10X.

Want to see how we crushed that with $4.8M generated in 3 months during Q4 in November?

November is said to be one of the toughest months of the year for online retail. But we found a winning formula and want to share that with you here.


If you’ve run ads on Facebook before, you’ll know, that regardless of whether you’re selling a service or a product, scaling or maintaining profitability can be hard. 


Even harder if you’re trying to do both together. Throw in the challenge that Q4 brings (the last quarter of the year when retail sales explode due to the holiday period) then being able to spend a significant amount whilst maintaining a high level of profitability on your ads is extremely difficult.


The store in question sells cycles and cycling/gear with AOVs in the $200 range. The business owner ran ads successfully, but with a growing team and customer demand, they wanted to bring an agency on board to take over and accelerate growth and put the challenge to the team at insanex


For a reasonably high Ecommerce AOV, this was a tall order but they had some crucial ingredients already in place: a great product and great understanding of their customer, and lots of history from the last 12 months of sales.

Here’s the low-down of what we achieved:

  • 18X ROAS in November generating $3M+ revenue with $170K in ad spend 
  • 32X ROAS on Thanksgiving Thursday turning $5K lead gen ad spend into $160K+ in revenue
  • $15M+ revenue achieved in Q4

This doesn’t happen overnight and this case study will cover the foundations we put in place during September to quickly find an audience and ads that worked and be in a position to test scaling in October. Without this foundation, we would not have been able to achieve the $4.8M in sales through Q4.

Before reading the case study, understand that our numbers are the result of years of experience and a highly trained team that delivered this. Whilst we’re showing you what we did, take the time to understand this and get deep into carving the right plan for your business. And if you need my team to help, reach us out here.

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