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insaneX Google ads: +96,100 Impressions

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Case study: Google ads optimization for industrial client


Many of our clients have used Google Ads without much success. In its capacity as a digital agency, insaneX collaborates directly with you to guarantee that your Google Ads account is compelling.


For a range of clients, including industrial suppliers, big-name companies, and regional retail chains, insaneX has created and implemented Google Ads campaigns. We pinpoint necessary conversion steps for each customer and focus on attracting targeted visitors to support those conversions.



For over a year, an industrial client (name omitted to preserve privacy) internally managed a Google Ads pay-per-click advertising account. They succeeded with their advertising since they were early adopters of the Google Ads program in their sector.



As their rivals started running more and more Google Ads, our client’s on-page ad placements began to decline. Our client’s account was becoming significantly more expensive, giving them a poor return on their investment due to increased competition for essential search phrases.


Before insaneX managed the client’s Google Ads account, clickthrough rates were low despite strong ad impressions. Although many individuals were viewing the ads, not many were clicking on them.



insaneX completely revamped the client’s Google Ads account, dividing it into relevant ads that catered to particular groups. Each campaign was split into Ad Groups by insaneX and tailored each group’s advertising to specific audiences. As a result, Ad engagement started to rise, and the cost-per-click for the client’s Ads decreased.


Cost Management, One Click at a time


One prevalent misunderstanding is that Google Ads are unaffordable. Each sector has its idea of what constitutes high prices, but Google Ads is distinct in that the bids for the keywords are determined by the people conducting the bidding. Less than $0.20 can be the cost-per-click for keywords with little competition. Popular keywords can be more expensive in some industries, but effective campaign management can help keep costs in check. With increased clickthrough rates, the CPC will decrease. Google rewards ads that are well-targeted, pertinent, and have a high CTR with a lower CPC price.


How We Did It:

The client’s premiere product had its campaign from the beginning, but it was time to refine the movement and improve its CTR. 


We increased the “Widgets” campaign for our customers from three to six Ad groups. The clickthrough rates started to rise immediately due to the Ads being more closely related to specific keywords.


A substantially greater CTR was offered by targeted ad groups that concentrated on particular features of this company’s widgets. Google rewarded our client by reducing the CPC when the CTR increased.


The CTR climbed from 2.41 percent to 3.89 percent in the first month of using the six ad groups, while the CPC dropped from $2.24 to $2.17.


Refining over time

Over time, the initial campaigns and Ad groups have changed. Our client continues to receive a significant return on investment for both their Microsoft Ads and Google Ads expenditures (reaching Bing users). Their average CPC is $2.21, and their average CTR for search campaigns is 4.47 percent. To track the number of calls and completed forms their ads generate, our customer also employs Google Ads conversion tracking.


We have managed this client’s account for nine years and have kept delivering benefits. We consistently improve our strategies to assist the client’s Google Ads objectives.


Here’s a comparison of a client’s campaign performance during the first month we began managing their Ads to the same period three years later: 


The number of times the ads were seen decreased due to our ability to refine the ads to target a more pertinent demographic. The Google Ads campaign produced 20 percent more clicks and 49 percent more site visits despite having 11 percent fewer impressions. A CPC that was 36 percent cheaper than it was before insaneX took over account management.


The average CPC is represented by the blue line in the following graph, while the red line represents the number of clicks for this specific client. The CPC drops as the number of clicks rises. The more clicks a client can acquire daily with its specified daily budget, the lower the CPC.

As your growth Partner, insaneX blends traditional advertising principles with Google’s targeting capabilities to deliver only the most relevant messages to specific audiences. 


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