Case study: insaneX

insaneX SEO: +407 Inbound links

insaneX SEO: +727K Estimated views

Case study: SEO for Mobile App Company


SEO for mobile app company.



  • +407 Inbound Links
  • +11.7M Online Readership
  • +727K Estimated Views
  • +148 Social Media Shares


The customer and insaneX’s ongoing collaboration produced more referral traffic and high-quality backlinks for various mobile application development-based keywords.


Our link-building initiatives produced 148 social media shares, 11.7 million online readers, and high-authority links with an average domain authority (DA) score of 56. Additionally, we raised each property’s keyword ranks to the top 4–7 spots on search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing up to 700k monthly traffic on average.


The enhanced campaign performance of two of the client’s most well-known mobile applications is one of the significant achievements of our link-building efforts.


insaneX’s link-building strategy also delivered significant results to the client, generating 5.5K backlinks, 653 referring domains, and a 1.9K increase in organic leads. In addition, our ongoing campaigns helped the client position 182 keywords in the top 3 organic search rankings:


Executing the Strategy


Here is a short intro on how we actually executed the entire strategy.




The content limits posed the most significant obstacle to achieving the client’s objectives and requirements. Early on, the business realized how important it was to build links that did not violate Google Webmaster Guidelines. To guarantee that we avoid certain remarks owing to legal dispositions, we had to be highly diligent while generating guest blogs and looking for link chances. In this case, avoiding link schemes and other link-building strategies that focus on constructing “unnatural connections” and are regarded as infractions of the Google criteria is necessary.




Our link-building professionals reviewed ranking data and conducted keyword analyses to identify possibilities to obtain high-performing, quality link placements on a budget. Our primary concern has been ensuring that our guest blogging approach aligns with the client’s business objectives because they already had a developed keyword plan.


We developed articles around product reviews, listicles, and high-authority content pieces to naturally place target keywords and links on websites with many organic visitors. We also worked closely with the client’s legal department to provide them with content for approval before publication. After collaborating closely with the company’s legal team, we consistently hit 100 percent client approval.


insaneX’s ongoing link acquisition strategies center on targeting top-tier keyword placements in organic search results to boost the rankings of different mobile applications.

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